ARC Review: Starry Eyes

starry eyes Title: Starry Eyes

Author: Jenn Bennett

Publish Date: April 3, 2018

Publisher: Simon Pulse

Rating: ★★★★

Links: Goodreads | Barnes & Noble | Amazon


*I received this ARC as part of Miss Print’s ARC Adoption Program.*

Once again, a very special thank you to Miss Print for providing me with this ARC!! As promised, here is the second review:



This was such a cute read, perfect for the summer time.

Zorie is a planner. She has journals full of charts and calendars because she doesn’t like the unexpected. But one thing she didn’t expect was to have her heart broken by Lennon, her former best-friend-turned-lover. Almost a year has passed since Lennon stood her up and their relationship fell apart, and Zorie has full intentions of avoiding him. Little does she know that he’s going on the same camping trip as her. Left alone in the wilderness together after things go awry, they start to remember what they used to have and realize that maybe they can work things out, but there are definitely obstacles in the way.

While reading the first few chapters, I thought the writing was cute but I wasn’t totally hooked. The novel just seemed a little uneventful. However, I’m really glad I kept reading because it got so much more exciting. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a book full of shocking twists, but some exciting events do take place along the way, especially while Zorie and Lennon are hiking through the wilderness. In my opinion, there are two things that make this book so amazing.

The first is the women in Zorie and Lennon’s lives. Zorie lives with her father (who is literal scum) and her step-mother, Joy, who she truly looks at as if she were her own mother. Lennon lives with his moms, Sunny and Mac. The relationships between the main characters and their mothers are beautiful. They truly love, trust, and respect each other. Sunny and Mac also have an amazing relationship. They are such an adorable couple; they’re always bickering about classic rock trivia but you can tell they’re so in love.

The second is the romance between Zorie and Lennon. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had so many feels over a relationship (or a character). Individually, they’re both amazing characters. Zorie is a really cool MC; she’s caring, honest, and nerdy. Lennon is just… freaking perfect. He’s considerate, adventurous, and he’s practically a genius. And together they’re so cute that I can’t handle it! They go back and forth with witty banter and you just have to root for them because they complement each other so well and it’s so obvious how much they care for one another. So Zorie and Lennon are now on my list of favorite couples and Lennon is on my list of favorite book boyfriends.

Overall, I thought this novel was adorable. The characters are so lovable, the relationships are enviable, and the plot was fun. I would definitely recommend this book. There’s really something for everyone – adventure, humor, romance, and more.


Let’s Talk!

Do you like hiking/camping? What are some other reads that you think are great for the summer time?


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