Six for Sunday (#1): Couples Who Need A Sequel

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#SixforSunday is hosted by Steph @ A Little But A Lot and you can find the upcoming prompts for the first half of 2019 here and for the second half here.

I really enjoyed Rachael’s post from last week, with the topic “baddies who deserve their own stories.” I checked out more upcoming #SixForSunday prompts and thought they seemed really fun and interesting so I thought I’d try to start answering them. I honestly feel like I never have anything to post on Sundays, so I’d like to give this a shot.

This week’s prompt is “couples who need a sequel.” This could potentially be a bit spoiler-y because I’m going to be talking about couples who ended up together and who I want to read more about. These are all contemporary romances, so honestly most of the time you can assume the love interests are going to become a couple, but I just wanted to warn everyone just in case, haha.


Zorie & Lennon

starry eyes

Zorie and Lennon are one of my favorite couples. Reading their friends-to-enemies-to-lovers story gave me all the feels. However, because Zorie was mad at Lennon for most of the novel, I would love a sequel where they’re happily together and we just get to read about all the adventures they go on.


Lucy & Josh

the hating game

I would love to read more about Lucy and Josh’s life after they get together. I loved these characters and their chemistry so much and I just want more. Do they get married? Do they have kids? @SallyThorne pls let me know!!


Emily & Frank

since youve been gone.jpg

Even though a good amount of this book is about the things Emily and Frank do together, I could read more. (Partially because Frank Porter is the love of my life, just saying.) Morgan Matson does an amazing job of writing cute, fun adventures and although all of her books are currently standalones, I think SYBG could have an excellent sequel.


Hazel & Josh

josh and hazels guide to not dating.jpg

For this one, there’s an epilogue that pretty much sums up what Josh and Hazel’s life is like in the few years after they get together. However, it felt a little rushed (pretty much my only complaint about the book) and there’s a part of me that wishes I had gotten a whole sequel instead. I love Josh and Hazel with all my heart and I would be thrilled to get another story about them.


Bailey & Porter

alex approximately

I loved watching this relationship develop and it gave me all the feels. Bailey and Porter quickly became one of my favorite YA couples and this is another case where I would love to read more of their adventures together. Since this is the second Jenn Bennett book on here, I guess you can see how much I love her books, haha. The romances in her novels are so adorable and it’s always so fun to read about the things her characters do together.


Tovah & Zack

you'll miss me when i'm gone

This book is extremely underrated. While there’s a lot to love about it, the relationship between one of the twins, Tovah, and her boyfriend, Zack, was one of my favorite parts to read about. I thought they were adorable together and I would’ve enjoyed a sequel of their story after they went off to college.



Let’s chat!

What couples do you wish had a sequel?




2 thoughts on “Six for Sunday (#1): Couples Who Need A Sequel

  1. I know the feeling of wanting certain couples to get another book! I haven’t read any of the ones you’ve listed here, but I’ve definitely read ones where I would be happy reading about the couple for another few hundred pages at least!

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