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Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for So Glad to Meet You by Lisa Super!! This tour is being hosted by the Fantastic Flying Book Club and I would really like to thank them for including me on this tour 🙂


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Title: So Glad to Meet You

Author: Lisa Super

Publisher: Diversion Books

Release Date: July 31, 2018

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

iBooks | Book Depository | Kobo

Rating: ★★★



Seventeen-year-old Daphne Bowman, a bookish drama nerd in public school, might never have crossed paths with Oliver, the popular, outgoing mascot for his private school’s football team, but one event has bound them inextricably. Daphne’s older sister, Emily, and Oliver’s older brother, Jason, who were high school sweethearts, committed suicide together seven years earlier.

When Daphne uncovers Emily and Jason’s bucket list—a list comprised of their “Top Ten” places to visit before they die—she knows she has to tell someone. The one person who might actually get what she’s going through and who might not think it’s silly that she wants to complete the list, is also someone she’s never spoken to—Oliver Pagano. Throwing caution to the wind, Daphne sends Oliver a Facebook message that will come to change the course of both of their senior years—and maybe their entire lives.

Tackling grief with a wry voice and an unflinching eye, So Glad to Meet You tells the story of two people who, in searching for what they’ve lost, end up finding what they never knew they needed—each other.


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My favorite thing about this novel is that it’s an excellent portrayal of grief. In some novels, characters seem to move past losing a loved one so easily and quickly. However, in So Glad to Meet You, Daphne and Oliver are still trying to cope with the loss of their siblings seven years later. The author shows how the trauma of losing Emily and Jason affects their actions all this time later and I thought their search for closure was very realistic.

One thing that I disliked about this novel is that I thought Emily and Jason’s suicides would be the main focus of the book. While their deaths do drive Daphne and Oliver’s actions, I feel that the author spends more time focusing on the romance between Daphne and Oliver. That being said, I did end up really liking them as a couple and I was rooting for them to get together. I just expected this book to be somewhat heavy as far as content and it was kind of light. I think that I would have taken more away from the book if there was a bit less of a focus on the romance and a bit more focus on the loss of their siblings.

As far as the characters, Daphne was definitely my favorite. She was smart and quirky, two traits that I love in main characters. While she stood out from the other characters in this book for me, I unfortunately don’t feel that any of the characters were really memorable overall. They were fun to read about, but none of them really stand out to me as characters that will stay with me for a long time.

The final aspect of this book that kept me from giving it more stars was the writing. It honestly just didn’t flow well. The transitions from one from topic to the next were very choppy. In all fairness, this is the author’s debut novel and I did read an advanced copy so this may be improved in the final copies.

Overall, I found the concept of this book to be very interesting. I thought it was an honest portrayal of grief. I also really liked the characters and the romance between Daphne and Oliver. However, I thought there was room for improvement with the writing. I ultimately rated it three stars because while I found it to be enjoyable, I do not think it made a lasting impact on me.


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Lisa Super is a brunch enthusiast based in Los Angeles. She’s worked on a number of TV shows ranging from pop culture phenomenons (Flavor of Love) to traumedy gold (One Mississippi). While every day in LA is an adventure, traveling with her husband across the globe is her favorite hobby. SO GLAD TO MEET YOU is her first novel.

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3 thoughts on “Blog Tour Review: So Glad to Meet You

  1. Great review!!! I agree completely about the flow of the writing! I think that’s why I didn’t give it 5 stars. One thing I mentioned in my review is that I really liked was how Daphne and Oliver did the bucket list in unconventional ways. I hate how sometimes YA authors forget that teenagers don’t always have the resources to drop everything and go traveling around the world lol.

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    1. Thanks so much, love! ❤ I totally understand that. The choppiness made it a bit hard to read for me. I just read your review and it was lovely 🙂 I completely agree with that! So many bucket list stories are very unrealistic but this one was believable. I would love to have the resources to drop everything and go traveling around the world haha 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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