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Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm. Last week’s topic was “Top 5 tropes I want more of.” Unfortunately I wasn’t able to participate, but since this week’s topic is “Top 5 tropes I’ve had enough of,” I’m going to discuss them both this week. So here are my five favorite and five least favorite tropes:


Favorite Tropes

5. Con artists

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Yes, I’m looking at you Kaz Brekker 😉 You never know what he has up his sleeve so another exciting part of the plan is always being revealed. I also love seeing the pieces of the con come together and finally figuring out what he was up to.

4. A mysterious prologue

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At first thought, I wasn’t sure how to feel about this one. I can see how this one can be annoying. However, I also think that when done right, it can be really gripping. A prologue like this might hook you in and it’s so satisfying to find out what the author meant by the end of the story.

3. Conveying words with a look

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Admittedly, I probably like this one so much because it reminds me of my relationship with my best friend. We’re constantly having conversations without speaking out loud haha.

2. “The corner of his mouth quirked up”

smirk trope.gif

love boys who smirk a lot. I’m not sure why, but this one gets me every time. I have never read about a boy who smirks a lot and not fallen in love with him. Ever.

1. Off-limits romance

forbidden trope.gif

I wouldn’t like this if it was a cheating type of situation, but in other situations I love this. I always want what the characters can’t have haha.


Least Favorite Tropes

5. Naturally talented

natural talent trope.gif

Maybe I’m just bitter that nothing comes naturally to me, but I don’t buy it when characters are just born talented or when they’re the best of the best without any hard work or practice.

4. Lack of communication

lack of communication trope.gif

loathe when the problems between characters could easily be solved with a little bit of communication, but the characters fail to talk things out and everything escalates. Stop holding it in!!

3. Pushing away loved ones

pushing trope.gif

hate when people push their loved ones away, especially when they think they’re protecting the other person. The truth is that the person probably needs help and if they just informed their loved one, they could overcome it together. There’s no need to try to convince someone else you don’t care about them when you do.

2. “Strong” female characters who are really just cold

strong woman trope.gif

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for strong, independent female characters. Lately I just feel like a lot of female characters are intended to seem “strong,” but they’re really just cold-hearted. I also think there’s a difference between being independent and being rude. It’s great to be able to do things for yourself, but if you can’t, there’s no need to get mad at someone else for offering to help you.

1. They find out they’re royalty

royalty trope.gif

I feel like every fantasy synopsis I read lately involves someone who finds out they’re royalty or someone who must marry a prince in order to save everyone. As soon as I see this, I honestly move on to the next book. As of right now, this is my ultimate least favorite trope.


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What do you think of my lists? What are your favorite and least favorite tropes?


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  1. Thanks for participating! Sorry it took me so long to get you added to the list. For some reason WordPress didn’t send your notification until just a few minutes ago……. weird! Got you added now though 🙂 I also agree with the lack of communication! It makes me so angry!!!

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