Bookish Gift Guide

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With Christmas less than a week away, I have some ideas for anyone who’s still looking to get presents for a book lover! This is my first gift guide so please let me know if you think there’s anything I should include next time 🙂

(I try to recommend a website where you can buy each type of gift, but all of these sites have multiple types of bookish merch on them.)


Clothes – I don’t usually get myself anything for Christmas, but I did this year because I recently got really into the ACOTAR series and I needed an excuse to buy myself some shirts, haha. There are clothes with designs from a variety of books. One site that has a lot of them is Etsy!

acotar shirt.jpg


Pillows/blankets – These are essentials for getting all cozied up with a book, especially at this time of year. Society6 has a bunch of varieties and sizes of pillows and blankets. I’ve bought a few of each over the past few years and they’re great quality and super comfy!

just one more chapter pillow.jpg


Jewelry – I’m honestly not super into jewelry, but while shopping for bookish merch, I’ve come across some really cute pieces. I especially like some of the necklaces I’ve seen. I found the necklace below on Etsy.

acotar necklace.jpg


Stickers – There are so many bookish stickers out there, I’ve spent a ton of time just looking through them. You can put them on pretty much anything, but personally I put mine on my laptop. Red Bubble is a site with a ton of  cool stickers.

go away im reading sticker.jpg


Book sleeves – I didn’t realize how awesome these were until I got one earlier this year, but they’re so useful. I would highly recommend them for students, because it’s such a relief not having to worry about my books getting messed up in my backpack. Here’s a helpful article that tells you where you can buy them.

hp book sleeve.jpg


Books – Speaking on behalf of my fellow book lovers, you can never go wrong with a book! If you don’t know which books someone is into and you don’t feel confident getting them bookish merch, you can always get them a new book to fall in love with. If you’re not sure what type of books they might like to read, EpicReads just put out a really helpful guide!


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